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Shakespeare’s Dewllings

King: Give some light, away

Polonius: Lights, lights, lights!

After being confronted by “The Mousetrap”

Hamlet III. 2.


Located on Shakespeare Street in Anzures neighborhood, a residential area located on the centric zone of Mexico City, is a house built on 250 square meters of lot surface inherited by six siblings. They decide to place it on sale. A group of investors targets the opportunity of recycling the former residence into 5 apartments. The existing housing demand on centric zones of Mexico City is a highlight to carry out this business. Each of the 5 apartments develops in three levels, as specified by the zoning. One apartment and the ground floor of the second are located in the first level. On the second level is the third apartment with the second’s upper level. The fourth and fifth housings are lodged on the third level.

One of the project’s primacies is achieving privacy in the interiors´ sights that are exposed to the street through the main façade.

The issue of how to create a visual filter arises. Various confining buildings to the lot are studied. A façade with volume is proposed summarizing the previous analysis. A vertical and horizontal lines´ pattern composes the façade. The pattern, when getting to its highest point, folds out developing on the terrace’s pavement on the rooftop.

Providing continuity, the pattern extends itself over the crystal dome that contains the central stairway. “Zenith” light enters through its crystals illuminating the stairway. A mural accompanies it to the ground floor and unfolds through an outer wall to the pedestrian access to the building complex. The access invitation is established through the mural and inspired by the dome’s absorbed light.






Ricardo Nurko
Maya Escudero



Ulises del Valle
Yair Vivas
Claudio Bautista